About God
We believe in one God eternally existing in one essence, yet there are three divine persons - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - the Trinity, equal in power but distinct in roles. We acknowledge the Creator-God as our heavenly Father, infinitely perfect and intimately acquainted with all our ways. As the first person of the Trinity, the Father is the source and ruler of all things and is fatherly in His relationship with creation in general and believers in particular.

About Jesus Christ
We believe that, according to the Father's plan, the eternal Son took on human form thereby uniting undiminished deity with true humanity, fully God and fully man. Born of the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ lived a sinless life, was crucified for the sins of us all, was buried, after three days rose bodily from death and ascended into heaven and will in the same way return in glory.

About the Holy Spirit
We believe that the Holy Spirit, the third member of the Godhead is currently at work in the world. He is the personal agent of the Father and Son sent from God to live inside all who believe in Jesus Christ. He teaches, comforts, and enables us, giving each believer diverse gifts, and empowering them for lives of service and personal holiness.

About the Bible
We believe the Bible is God's message to mankind. God speaks to us in and through the Bible. We believe the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments are the Word of God, inspired by the Holy Spirit, and written centuries ago by chosen men of God. The Bible is without error in its original manuscripts, is completely reliable as the final authority in all matters of doctrine and practice.

About Salvation
We believe the offer of salvation is God's gift to all who receive it, completely apart from any works on the part of man. Those who accept this offer by faith in Jesus Christ become a new creation by God's power. Because fallen humans are unable to save themselves, God, according to His sovereign mercy, acts to save those who come to Him by grace through faith in His Son. God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to suffer the penalty of death in place of condemned humanity. Through believing the good news that Christ died for his or her sins and then rose from the dead, and putting his or her faith in Jesus Christ alone for their salvation, a person can be forgiven of all sin, declared righteous by God, reborn spiritually into new life, and guaranteed eternal life with God.
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